For AirMaid V-Series ozone generators, it is recommended you first ask your ventilation consultant to verify that the airflow and pressure specifications as stated in the product manual are correct before requesting service.

If a service visit is requested and our service partner determines that the cause of the problem is due to incorrect installation, airflow or pressure in the generator, then the service partner will invoice the repair costs to the organization/person who ordered the service.

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Here you’ll find Product Registration, Service Request and Service Partner forms.

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Product Registration
Please click here to register your AirMaid system.
Service Request
If you experience a problem with your AirMaid system that your local AirMaid representative or ventilation provider has been unable to solve, please fill in this Service Request Form.


Please contact your local ventilation expert first in order to make sure that the air supply to your AirMaid and the negative pressure comply with the specifications found in the product manual. If you request service and our personnel find that the fault is due to factors such as improper installation, airflow or negative pressure in the ozone generator, the service company will invoice the repair charges to the person who has requested the service.
AirMaid Service Partner
Service Partners, when a repair has been completed please click the following link to submit your service report: AirMaid Partner Service Report The form must be sent within 5 days after completion. Remember to include the serial number of the generator, the customer and date of repair.
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