March 27, 2014

Interzon supplies ozone generators for the restaurant chain Vapiano, which has branches throughout most of Europe, the USA and Middle East. Vapiano is distinguished by its self-service, “Fresh casual dining” concept where, amongst other things, customers can watch their dishes being cooked in front of their eyes.

Nine AirMaid V ozone generators have been installed into three of Vapiano’s restaurants in Sweden to effectively reduce odours and grease in the ventilation ducts.

Lars Fagerlund, establishment and maintenance manager at Vapiano, speaks warmly about the new air purification solution. “We wanted to find a solution that lowers our operating costs in the long run. With Interzon’s ozone generators, we can start recycling warm air in our restaurants and cut down on sooting. We are very satisfied with the products. Even though the big difference will only become apparent in a few year’s time, we can see a reduction in our operating costs now.”