Vancouver BC restaurant Nuba tests AirMaid-ready hood

June 5, 2017

The Lebanese inspired restaurant Nuba’s new location in Vancouver is situated at a busy intersection surrounded by high-rise apartments and offices.

The installation required an ecology box be included in the exhaust ductwork servicing the kitchen. Already aware of the maintenance costs expected from other Nuba restaurants, the owner decided to follow the advice of Rick Tennick (GM at Quest Metal in Vancouver) and install an AirMaid unit and a Quest QLO exhaust hood. The AirMaid air treatment is introduced into this “AirMaid-Ready” exhaust hood plenum with the Quest Design Thimble system.



Rick visited the site in June 2017, 90 days after commissioning the exhaust system and took the following photos:

Nuba Kitchen – Quest QLO Exhaust Hood

Nuba Hood: Looking down the duct to the interior of the exhaust hood. Even the backs of the filters are clean!

Nuba Exhaust: Looking upstream to the ecology box.

Shop labels and markings inside the duct are still clearly visible through the minute deposit.

No duct cleaning has taken place. The duct is dry and is coated only with a dry non-flammable film of oxides.

Ozone and grease: a simple chemical reaction

Ozone is best known as a powerful oxidant, long known for effectively reducing odor from restaurant exhaust. Less well known is its incredible ability to oxidize away duct grease that otherwise builds up into a highly flammable fuel source which represents a significant danger to life and property once ignited.

About the AirMaid Ozone Cleaning System

The AirMaid Ozone Cleaning System is a pioneering and innovative solution for grease and odor mitigation for commercial kitchen exhaust using ozone gas. AirMaid produces ozone by electrical discharge using its unique technology called CGC – Corona Glass Cell. The advantages of this approach compared to traditional equipment installations are well proven and relatively new to North America. Over 4500 units are installed world wide since 2007. The installations include the European divisions of some of the worlds largest QSR chains.

The reduced exhaust duct grease load that follows ozone mitigation is a huge benefit for fire safety and even permits a reduction in fire insurance in some areas. AirMaid operates efficiently with low energy consumption, minimal maintenance and no consumables.

AirMaid is furthermore extremely efficient at reducing the level of cooking odors expelled into the local environment. The reduction is accomplished by chemically breaking down the odor causing compounds, not by a masking scent.

About Russell Hendrix

Russell Hendrix is Canada’s largest foodservice dealer with 17 locations and over 600 staff and sales agents to supply businesses from large hotels to local chip wagons. Quest Metal is the fabrication division of Russell Hendrix and the Quest product line includes an array of commercial ventilation solutions. The services offered include both Construction and Franchise Divisions.

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