The garbage room in Heidelberg

September 17, 2015

In one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, Heidelberg, there is a food court sharing its garbage room with five restaurants. Garbage and empty tin cans with food waste from each of the kitchens are collected here and according to staff, the odours, especially on hot summer days, were “absolutely unbearable.” The installation company Buchtyar GmbH was entrusted to solve the problem and an AirMaid 500W was installed to keep the odours in check. “It used to be horrible. It was impossible to be in there without your eyes starting to hurt. You can now actually go in and throw away your trash.”

When we recently visited the premises we could not help but lift the covers to see the causes of all these odors. The visit was captured on a mobile camera and resulted in the short thriller film trailer above. Enjoy!