Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

June 15, 2015

At the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam you can reflect over Renaissance masterpieces including Rembrandt’s The Night Watch and Van Gogh’s self-portrait in a fantastic building which re-opened its doors in 2013 after having been closed 10 years for renovation.

Even though the museum is best known for its classic collections from the 17th century, AirMaid, a contemporary masterpiece, has now been added to its entourage. Its modern design was probably not the feature that tipped the scales in favour of AirMaid, but rather the fact that the museum restaurant was experiencing problems with odours from the kitchen exhaust, which we have now successfully reduced.

Rijksmuseum is in charge of an invaluable treasure of historic art. The fact that ozone also reduces grease build-up within the exhaust ventilation system, thereby minimising the risk of fire spreading in through the building, is an extra “plus” offered by AirMaid highly appreciated by the museum.