Reducing smells from lab waste

December 3, 2015

EMBO, one of Europe’s leading research centres in the field of molecular biology occupies a beautiful location on the hills above Heidelberg in Germany. At EMBO, more than 1,700 scientists are gathered from all over the world and most of its research takes place at the headquarters.

The various laboratory experiments produce a lot of organic waste, which in turn generates highly noticeable odours from the waste room.
The task of resolving the issue went to Gerhard Ellert, who applied his 40 years of experience in the business to finding a solution. The previous waste management equipment was replaced by a large waste compressor from Avermann, fitted with a AirMaid 500 C.

The container is only emptied every other week so the ozone generator is set to run at its full capacity. The results have been viewed as a unanimously successful and the offices closest to the waste room are no longer bothered by any annoying odours.