Reducing smell and grease at Torsplan, Stockholm

December 19, 2016

A brand new community in Stockholm County is taking shape, Hagastaden, closing the gap between the cities of Solna and Stockholm. In the heart of Hagastaden you’ll find Torsplan being completed: two large office and retail buildings clearly visible from the highway.  Here we have teamed up with Gunnar Karlsen Sverige AB and installed AirMaid in the new Max Hamburger restaurant as well as the Hemköp grocery store, both well-known and respected chains here in Sweden. It was two years ago that Max Hamburgers took the momentous decision to equip each and every one of its 100+ restaurants with AirMaid, with the primary goal to keep their kitchen ducts clean from grease. Hemköp also has a history using AirMaid, and chose AirMaid to reduce odors from their local store cooking.

Kristoffer Andersson, project manager at GK concludes:

“The installation went smoothly. I was not personally involved with the installation but according to our mechanical contractors there were no oddities, and the instructions were clear and simple as well. “