January 27, 2015

Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB is one of Interzon’s long-time customers with 43 of its restaurants in Sweden already equipped with AirMaid since 2006. Max has now made the momentous decision to equip each of its remaining 97 restaurants with the AirMaid 20000V Ozone Cleaning System. Tony Jakobsson, construction and property manager at Max, comments on the transaction:

“We are satisfied with Interzon’s products and we have decided to install AirMaid in all our restaurants in order to reduce the risk of fire and protect the environment.”

AirMaid is connected to restaurant kitchen ducts in order to reduce grease build-up and odours. In this way the ducts stay cleaner and odours exhausted from a restaurant are reduced, thereby minimising the risk of complaints from neighbours. Restaurants can also expect reduced duct cleaning costs and as well as being able to use heat recovery systems on even the warm greasy air coming from the kitchens.