Lula Restaurant Distillery Reduces Odor with AirMaid

June 1, 2018

New Orleans Restaurant first ever in Louisiana to use ozone technology

In the heart of New Orleans, expertly crafted food, spirits and cocktails come together in a unique privately owned microdistillery and restaurant. Lula Restaurant-Distillery is a quintessentially southern restaurant with a distinct Louisiana influence. As the first and only restaurant-distillery in New Orleans, Louisiana and in the Southeast US, they promise to offer an incredible experience in the shadows of their copper still and along the historic streetcar line of St. Charles Avenue.

The idea of Lula Restaurant-Distillery was first collaborated between two friends and business partners, Jess Bourgeois and Bear Caffery, who share a passion for outstanding food paired with finely crafted cocktails. Jess’ acquaintance with AirMaid came about through their architect who works with a larger New Orleans-based design+build firm.

Lula’s kitchen ventilation system included a single AirMaid model 20000V to handle their 5200 cfm of hood airflow.

On April 19th, 2018, Ike Crimm of Stan Weaver & Company (Tampa, Florida) traveled with a local Consulting Engineer in Tampa to visit the Lula installation. His comments from his visit were:

“I went to New Orleans yesterday with a Consulting Engineer to review the AirMaid at Lula Restaurant Distillery. Andy Glidden with Wilson & Girgenti wanted to see “AirMaid in action” before specifying the product for his own Kitchen project, Burgerim.

Jess Bourgeois of Lula was very hospitable and allowed us to tour the kitchen, look above ceiling at the AirMaid unit, access the roof and witness the kitchen exhaust fan in operation. It was a really good site visit, the engineer walked away with confidence that AirMaid’s technology works for both odor and grease reduction.

It’s really impressive when you put your hand over the kitchen exhaust airstream and there is zero grease left on your hand. The kitchen exhaust fan looks nearly brand new, without any grease discoloration on the outside of the fan and very little grease discoloration on the inside of the exhaust stack. We were able to witness the system during lunch operations and they had a tour bus of 37 people visiting for lunch at the time.

We went up on the roof while the cooks were preparing lunch for this group and we determined (un-scientifically) that cooking odor was reduced by approx. 80%-90%. There was no grease at all noticed at the discharge of the fan, very impressive!”


About the Lulu Restaurant & Distillery

Owned and operated by Jess Bourgeois and Bear Caffery.
Open Since: February 13, 2017 | Address: 1532 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans LA 70130 | Tel: (504) 267-7624

About AirMaid

The AirMaid® Ozone Cleaning System is a pioneering and innovative solution for grease and odor mitigation for commercial kitchen exhaust using ozone gas., by means of a direct duct bleed. AirMaid produces ozone by electrical discharge using its unique technology called CGC – Corona Glass Cell. Although new to North America, the advantages realised by using AirMaid over that of traditional PCUs, scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators are well proven with over 4500 units installed worldwide since 2007, including the European divisions of some of the world’s largest fast food hamburger chains.

For further information, please contact:

Jess Bourgeois Lula Owner/Manager,, tel: (504) 267-7624
Ike Crimm Stan Weaver Company,, tel: (813) 879-0383
Andy Glidden Wilson & Girgenti,, tel: (813) 855-3330
Mark Tilles Interzon AB Sales Manager,