March 30, 2015

At K25 the founders wanted to create a food court offering food from all over the world. Here you can buy good food from morning until night for every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can choose take-away or sit down in peace and quiet at any of the 250 comfortable seats.

In total there are nine restaurant themes, a coffee shop and a bakery, each focused on preparing the best food experience they can. Flavors and fragrances get fully blended when the entire world’s food traditions are gathered under one roof.

One of the challenges when planning the building of the food court to ensure that odors from the kitchens would not interfere with the nearby offices and homes. AirMaid was the chosen solution and installed as part of a well thought out ventilation solution. We can warmly recommend a visit, not only because the food is top-notch, but if you look up at the ceiling you can clearly see the shiny, stainless steel AirMaid boxes, now an integral part of the restaurant’s thoughtful and austere design.