AirMaid 500 W

AirMaid W gets standing ovation from residents of Portikgården

May 31, 2019

When housing cooperative Portikgården, in the Stockholm suburb of Åkersberga, installed the Airmaid 500W ozone air cleaner in their garbage room a few years back, the foul smell that had been plaguing them vanished almost instantly. Board member Bengt Haver describes the solution as “revolutionary” and is convinced every housing cooperative would benefit from it.

“We eliminated our odour problems virtually overnight. Our members applauded with joy and relief! Every housing cooperative should have it installed. The air in the garbage room is now so fresh and odour-free that you can even sit and have a coffee in there,” Bengt cheerfully points out.

Board member Bengt Haver in Portikgården’s garbage room.

Undemanding solution for a demanding environment

Swallowing waste from 33 apartments, six business facilities and a sushi restaurant, Portikgården’s garbage room is put to intensive daily use throughout the year. It is primarily organic waste, particularly from the restaurant, that has been causing the offensive odour.

Bengt Haver describes their situation as being acute, with the smell finding its way up to the building’s lower apartments and making it unbearable for the residents. They had to find a solution very quickly. After some googling, Bengt discovered the Interzon AirMaid W air cleaner and decided to give it a try.

“It wasn’t a hard decision. I couldn’t find any other air cleaner that circulates and cleans the air as efficiently as AirMaid W. And the board couldn’t come up with a better alternative to ozone air cleaning. I must say that Interzon were also very helpful and cooperative.”

Portikgården chose an AirMaid 500 W with 55W power output, ozone capacity of up to 500 mg/h and fan capacity of 160 m3/h.

“AirMaid 500 W is a perfect fit for the current needs of Portikgården”, Account Manager Johnny Groth explains. “The machine is virtually maintenance-free and efficiently eliminates unpleasant odours in any average-sized garbage room, even reducing the bacteria and virus concentrations in the air.”

“The machine only weighs four kilos and is really easy to install. I just had to mount it two meters up on the wall above the garbage bins, plug it in and press ON. In spite of the machine’s being so small, it manages to clean all the air in our 25 square meter garbage room extremely efficiently,” Bengt concludes.

Easy to maintain

In the words of Bengt Haver, the AirMaid 500 W requires little or practically no maintenance or service:

“The machine just keeps on going. All I have to do is wipe off the dust from the ozone generator’s cell glasses a couple of times a year and change the air filter once a year. It’s really a piece of cake and only takes a few minutes. On hot summer days the machine’s air cleaning capacity might have to be turned up, since the heat can accelerate the decaying process. Otherwise, we set the air cleaning capacity level at 50 %.

Envious neighbours

Neighbouring housing cooperatives have studied Portikgården’s successful garbage room smell elimination with awe and envy.

“Our neighbours have similar problems with unpleasant odours in their garbage rooms and, having seen how well it works for us, several housing cooperatives are thinking about installing ozone air cleaning devices themselves”, Bengt adds.

If you’d like to know more about AirMaid W, please contact Johnny Groth on telephone: +46 8 544 444 38 or read about the product on our website >>

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