AirMaid cleans the air in Europa-Park

December 12, 2019

The ever-popular Fjord Restaurant, serving Nordic delicacies in the Scandinavian-themed area of the German Europa-Park, has used AirMaid technology to clean kitchen exhaust air since early this summer.

Europa-Park is situated in southern Germany, in the area of Rust. Germany’s biggest theme park, it’s second only to Disney Paris in being the most visited in Europe. In the Scandinavian-themed area you’ll find the Fjord Restaurant, which immediately prior to this year’s summer season installed three AirMaid Hoods.

The ozone modules are smoothly integrated into the restaurant’s new kitchen hoods, efficiently removing dirt and excess heat in the kitchen and separating grease in the exhaust air. The ozone treatment furthermore reduces grease and odours in the duct. In addition to improved air quality and reduced fire risk, the new solution has also eliminated the costly maintenance of the former UV-C-based air cleaning system.

The hoods have an air-cleaning capacity of 10,000 m3/h and AirMaid technology separates the aerosols in a two-step process. Firstly, there’s a mechanical filtering process in which the air passes through highly efficient cyclone filters. Secondly, there’s a chemical reduction process, which reduces odour and grease through active ozone air treatment.

AirMaid Hood is fully compliant with the European Standard EN16282 1-8 for ventilation systems in commercial kitchens.

Featured image source: Europa-Park’s website