AirMaid Hood

A brand new type of kitchen hood with integrated ozone purification

AirMaid Hood® is a new professional kitchen hood with an integrated ozone module that contributes to a clean and hygienic environment in the kitchen. The kitchen hood removes dirt and excess heat in the kitchen and separates the grease in the exhaust air. Thanks to the ozone treatment, grease and odours are also reduced in the duct, leading to a considerably lower fire risk and fewer complaints from nearby neighbours.


  • High efficiency HFK filter in the hood (97 % purification at 10μm)
  • Active air purification with ozone immediately after the HFK filter
  • Reduction of odours by up to 95%, thanks to the ozone treatment
  • The ozone treatment reduces the risk of fire in the exhaust duct
  • Laminar air flow through the front panel
  • Adjustable air vents in the working area
  • Possibility to measure and adjust the air flow
  • Turbo Grip air control improves the transport of polluted air to the filter
  • Minimal maintenance of the air purifi cation unit (no moving parts or consumables)
  • Reliable air purifi cation unit, which requires only electricity and air
  • Safe ozone operation presents no risks to the user

Through an exclusive cooperation with ETS Nord AS Interzon can offer a complete range of kitchen hoods to a very competitive price together with a standard 3 year warranty. This warranty can also be extended to 5 years through a service agreement with Interzon.


The hot air is drawn through the grease filters capturing a majority of the air contaminants. The inlet air passes through the front panel and through the adjustable controls on the lower side of the hood, which permits adjustment of the active zone for the user.
Turbo Grip air control improves the transport of polluted air in the exhaust air to the grease filter. The grease in the air is separated in the filters and collected in a container.
A cleaner exhaust air is achieved through active air treatment with ozone directly after the filters. The ozone purification also keeps the space behind the filters cleaner.

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