AirMaid V

The V-series is specially designed for restaurants and industrial kitchens where requirements for grease and odour elimination are very high. AirMaid V is equipped with our unique Corona Glass Cell which is nearly maintenance-free.

Compactors and Waste Bins

AirMaid C

AirMaid C is designed for effective elimination of odours, gases and bacteria formed by organic waste in and around a compactor. Using ozone for treating organic waste is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and very safe.

Sanitation and health

AirMaid T

The T-series has been designed in close collaboration with municipalities and companies that wish to minimise the health risks and odours near pumping stations, water treatment plants and other water and sewage systems.

Small spaces

AirMaid W

AirMaid W is a mobile unit which can be easily used in small spaces. Thanks to its design, AirMaid W is user-friendly and cleans odours from waste, food, smoke, mould, paint etc. with ease.