Yet another electrostatic precipitator to be retired

Restaurants located in shopping malls and city centers are not the only places where AirMaid can be of benefit. At Shell Point of Fort Myers, Florida, AirMaid will soon be introduced into the first of several restaurants serving this expansive high-end retirement community.

Mark Tilles, AirMaid Sales Manager for North America, recently visited the installation site together with Paul Boudreaux, President of Commercial Air Management, Inc., our manufacturers representative for the Fort Myers and Naples areas. The building houses a vintage electrostatic precipitator which is in such a state of disrepair that it is simply not worth the investment necessary to bring it back into service. It is believed that this pollution control unit is the first ever of its kind delivered into the Fort Myers area.

A single AirMaid model 20000V, about the size of a commercial microwave oven, is slated to be installed in December 2019 to functionally replace this monster-sized device. Watch this space for a follow-up report of this exciting installation next spring!