Reykavik’s boom in restaurants leads to unwanted odours

The Icelandic tourist industry has been given a hefty boost in recent years. A great many people want to experience its magnificent, rugged landscape. Equally attractive is Reykjavik’s night life, which offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars for all tastes. But the problem of smells increases in line with more and more restaurants opening their doors. In the small capital city, whose city center includes many apartment buildings, restaurant ventilation has become a real challenge.

Karl Hákon Karlsson, the CEO of Blikksmiðurinn, one of Iceland’s most experienced ventilation companies, has taken up the gauntlet. And to help him on his way, he has used AirMaid. “I have tested the AirMaid ozone unit for a long time and am very happy with the result. We are now beginning to install AirMaid on a large scale at several locations, where we see that the need is greatest. “