Report from Las Vegas

Interzon’s Sales Manager for North America, Mark Tilles, recently attended the 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas

Why did you join ASHRAE?

In the United States and Canada, the use of ozone generators for treating grease and odor in restaurant exhaust is a new and “foreign” concept to the engineering community. Even though sales of AirMaid are experiencing rapid growth and our technology is already accepted in many areas of the country, the general lack of knowledge and understanding of the benefits that can be realized by using ozone presented a new challenge in the sales process. Realizing the importance to not only present this technology to new prospects and customers, but to educate the engineering community as well, in 2016 I joined ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and became an active participant on Technical Committee TC05.10, “Kitchen Ventilation.”

What was you experience?

This was my first ASHRAE Winter Conference. In addition to attending several very informative seminars on restaurant industry topics, I sat through a full day of TC05.10 committee meetings and learned a lot about the processes going on behind the scene. Most interesting was the composition of the technical committee: people from all walks of life including engineers, architects, builders and salespeople just like myself. Although outside the forum many of us work for companies which are direct competitors of one another, within the forum of the committee everyone works together in harmony and with the common cause of improving the safety, economy and comfort of the commercial kitchen environment.

What did you take away from your visit?

I must be honest that before attending the conference I was skeptical that “competitive politics” would not be clearly visible with so many competitors at the same table, but I was quickly proven wrong by being invited to speak and give a presentation at the upcoming ASHRAE Summer Conference in Long Beach California in June of 2017. My presentation will be “The use of Ozone Generators in CKV Exhaust “ – and what an honor this is!

By volunteering my time and expertise on Technical Committee TC05.10, my attendance is clearly going to be rewarding in several ways. I believe that my participation will give back to me the benefits of new friendships through networking, new knowledge about the latest industry trends and technologies, and allow me to develop into an even more respected professional in my field. I recommend anyone with an interest in the field of HVAC&R to join and participate in ASHRAE for these same reasons!