We are now launching our largest and most flexible Airmaid in the V range

The long wait is over. The AirMaid 30000V is finally here! This is our largest and most rapacious AirMaid in the V range. At the same time, it is the lightest and most efficient with respect to its weight and size in relation to capacity.

At a svelte 25 kilograms, the AirMaid 3000V can manage to purify up to 15,000 m3 per hour, which is around 4,200 litres per second. It is, however, only greedy for air to clean and manages to swallow more than any of other products, without consuming any more power while doing it. The AirMaid 30000V is equipped with our new electronics platform that not only keeps the weight of the module down, but also allows it to run on voltages between 108 V and 253 V, 50/60 Hz.


Being the biggest is rarely tantamount to being the most flexible, but that is the fact for the AirMaid 30000V. It is certainly the widest module in the V series, but it is precisely as high and deep as other AirMaid V modules. Usually, comparable air purifiers of this calibre require a lot of space for installation and are very costly. The AirMaid 30000V is also so low and light that it can be easily installed in most kitchens’ ceilings.

At the moment, the AirMaid 30000V is undergoing stringent testing by the inspection and certification body Intertek for approval and certification with regard to EMC and LVD. We expect the product to be approved and ready for delivery in the course of November.

The product will initially be launched in Europe and Asia.

For more information and prices in Europe, please contact Andreas Funke at andreas.funke@interzon.com or tel: +46 8 544 444 34

For more information and prices in Asia, please contact Mika Lindfors at mika.lindfors@interzon.com or tel: +46 8 544 444 31

Technical data

Air flow: 15000 m3/h
Ozone capacity: 30000 mg/h
Power: 500 W
Current: 230V/50-60Hz
Weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: 838 x 402 x 252 mm