Interzon presents ozone for kitchen ventilation at ASHRAE

At the ASHRAE conference, held in California, Interzon’s US Sales Director, Mark Tilles, gave the first ever lecture in ASHRAE’s history about ozone cleaning in kitchen ventilation. The presentation was much appreciated and an eye opener for many of ASHRAE’s members.

Mark Tilles is a member of the ASHRAE’s technical working group 5.10 within ventilation. The working group held one of the seminars, under the title The Use of Pollution Control Units and Technologies to Control Grease, Smoke and Odor from Commercial Kitchens, at ASHRAE’s summer conference on 27 June. The conference took place at Long Beach between 24 and 28 June.

Mark’s lecture, The Use of Ozone Generators in CKV Exhaust, focused on the preconditions, requirements, methods, technology and benefits of ozone purification in kitchen ventilation.

“Despite the fact that the use of ozone generators in professional kitchen ventilation systems has been very common across Europe for ten years, it is relatively new in North America. The technology is, however, well known as a purification method and is commonly used in many other areas of application in the United States, and is now beginning to really get going within ventilation. Our sales are increasing strongly in North America and many of the participants in the ASHRAE conference wanted to know more about our unique technology,” says Mark Tilles.

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