Congratulations to AirMaid Technician Ed Jordan!

Earlier this fall Ed Jordan from City Mechanical in San Francisco won the national level of the United Association Apprentice Contest.

Congratulations Ed, what did you have to do in the finals?
Over the course of four days, we were tested in our knowledge of HVAC and Refrigeration systems through written tests, simulators, and practical exercises. We were also tested in our customer-relation skills by simulating an interaction with an irate customer. There were several challenges in electrical theory involving drawing, wiring, and creating diagrams based off of a sequence of operations. We were then tasked with wiring up said system using real components on test boards. There was also a copper piping project using a combination of jointing methods: soft solder, silver brazing, pro-press, and grooved pipe. Finally, there was a day of service projects; this involved eight stations in which we had to go through real units with various problems. At each station we were given a prompt, which allowed us to simulate a real service call from a customer.

How big was the competition?
There were 32 apprentice finalists out of 43,000 from Australia, Canada, and the United States. The competition included five disciplines: HVAC, Plumbing, Pipe Fitting, Sprinkler Fitting, and Welding. Personally, I was competing against five others in the HVAC category. This was the final stage after competing at my local, state, and regional levels.

How did you prepare for the competition?
My training began when I joined my union, the United Association Local 38, at which time I started the 5-year apprenticeship program and began working for City Mechanical Inc. My training consisted of on-the-job training, working with journeyman, and classroom training twice a week at the union training center. I reviewed my textbooks in preparation for the final competition.

What’s your secret to your success?
I think the key to my success was that I did not let myself get psyched out about the competition. I tried to treat it like a normal day at work. I also had an advantage working for City Mechanical which gave me a diverse experience with different types of systems, such as boilers, package units, pumps, kitchen hoods, and also newer technologies like VRF systems and AirMaid.

Do you also apply this when installing AirMaid?
Of course! I was part of the team who installed the first AirMaid system here on the West Coast of the U.S. I learned all I could about the system to insure it was properly installed and operating. I have now been involved with several AirMaid installations!