AirMaid now available in the United Arab Emirates

For more than two years, Q Air Global has been the AirMaid distributor in Qatar and has done very well there. As recently as last September they won the title “AirMaid Reseller of the Year.” Now they are taking the next step and have established themselves in the United Arab Emirates.

Iñigo Satrústegui, CEO of Q Air Global has a positive view of the future:
“There is great potential in the UAE, almost all restaurants use some kind of system to treat the exhaust air. The most common technology is use of Ecology Units (huge systems with a fan, HEPA filter, carbon filter and sometimes UV light) and electrostatic precipitators. We also know that many users have very high maintenance costs, at the same time as the fire risk is increased when the ducts are not clean because the systems are located at the end of the duct.

With our experience from Qatar, we are in a very good position to quickly capture market share in the United Arab Emirates. To begin with, it will be through partnerships with the food and hotel chains that we are already working with.”