AirMaid keeps growing stronger in North America

New milestones are continually being broken for AirMaid in North America. We now have a whopping 119 AirMaid installations with 227 generators represented by 23 distributors across the nation, and innumerable projects underway where AirMaid is written into the specifications. The coming year is going to be a banner year for the AirMaid family of manufacturers representatives!

With that said, we at Interzon of Stockholm are pleased to announce our three newest distributors to join the AirMaid family: The Tom Barrow Company in Georgia, Air-Tech of Pensacola Florida, and Air-Tech of Alabama. With their entrance into our worldwide network of Manufacturers Representatives, AirMaid is now represented in nearly all key metropolitan cities across the nation.

America’s First “AirMaid-Ready” Kitchen Hoods are Now Available

We’ve been hinting about it’s arrival … and now it’s here!  We at Interzon are proud to announce that the reach, performance and ease of installation of the AirMaid Ozone Cleaning System into your kitchen exhaust projects has just become easier. How? The ozone is now integrated in the hood!

Inspired by UV-C Technology …

In Canada, kitchen hoods with UV-C lamp technology have been a leading kitchen exhaust pollution control technology. Unfortunately, producing ozone gas using UV-C lamps has been recognized as maintenance-intensive, costly, and limited in scope as kitchen designers and engineers are limited to the narrow selection of hoods and site conditions.

… then Came AirMaid®

Since its introduction just three short years ago, the AirMaid Ozone Cleaning System has become recognized as a simple-to-install, economical, reliable and effective solution to maintain clean exhaust ducts and reduce kitchen exhaust odor. Since it is considered a component of the kitchen exhaust system and not of the kitchen, this lends itself to being an ideal solution for both new construction as well as retrofits into existing kitchens or remodels. Although simple to install, installation used to require a small amount of custom fabrication and a fire damper. But no longer!

The Result: The Quest QLO Exhaust Hood

Just connect an AirMaid ozone generator to the hood interface points, and you’re done! With the Quest QLO Exhaust Hood and the AirMaid option you will receive all the benefits previously only available with UV-C kitchen hoods, yet with the ease and low maintenance obtained from AirMaid and Quest.

Proven Performance

This hood has already been installed and deemed hugely successful at the Lebanese inspired restaurant Nuba in Vancouver, BC.

Read the case report about this Nuba Restaurant installation >>

For more information about the Quest QLO Exhaust Hood, click here >>

Manufactured and Distributed by Quest Metal Products of Canada

Please note: These hoods are not marketed, sold or supported by Interzon AB, the maker of AirMaid.

For more information, or if you want to become an authorized Quest dealer in the USA, contact the manufacturer:

Roy Cuddeford, Quest Metal Products
email: or call: +1 (204) 786-2403