30 new businesses via Hand in Hand

The most significant cause of severe poverty is the lack of jobs in the community. Interzon has therefore chosen to support Hand in Hand’s vision of a world without poverty and child labour. As a first step, we have made a donation that makes it possible to start up to 30 new businesses.

Help to self-help is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty!
The solution is small family-run businesses where the individual’s entrepreneurship is given free rein, thus changing the whole family’s situation. Hand in Hand mobilises women into self-help groups, combining education and entrepreneurial training, with the possibility of obtaining micro-loans. This motivates and supports women in starting their own businesses or developing existing activities. You can learn more about how they work in the following film:


Lend a Hand to the 1.2 Billion from HiH India on Vimeo.