Reduce the risk of fire

Ozone helps to reduce grease in the ducts an thereby significantly reduces the risk of fire.

Here we present comparative results from fires in two very similar restaurants in Finland. Both were à la Carte-style restaurants serving hamburgers, kebab, pizza etc. with conventional cooking appliances (not open fire).

  • Initial conditions of both fires were the same. The hoods and ventilation system were operating normally. The fire started in the fryer, the fire brigade arrived within 5-6 minutes and the flames reached up to the hood and its grease filters.
  • However, the final results were very different: One restaurant went back into operation after 5 days, the other after 6 weeks.
  • AirMaid® and its effective reduction of grease build-up in the ducts prevented the flames from spreading further. As a result, significantly reduced repairs required minimizing disruption in commercial activities.


On an average, Finland experiences from 20 – 30 grease fires annually that are so-called “close-to” situations. The worst exhaust duct fire in Finland occurred in 2010 in the city of Tampere. This was a historic building built in 1865 and the damage was so extensive that a complete restoration of the building was required. The restaurant was closed for more than 2 years and the total cost of the building renovation reached approximately 15 million Euros.

Without AirMaid:

  • Fire occurred January 2013
  • Fire brigade arrived within 5 min
  • Fire started from fryer


Fire progression and result:

  • Fire reached the hood.
  • Fire continued past the grease filter then continued spreading through the duct
  • Fire brigade left the next morning (after 6 hours)
  • Several adjoining shops were also closed Restaurant was closed for 6 weeks


With AirMaid® in use 3 years:

  • Fire occurred September 2013
  • Fire brigade arrived in 6 min
  • Fire started from fryer


Fire progression and result:

  • Fire reached the hood.
  • Fire stopped at the grease filter
  • Fire brigade left after 35 minutes
  • Surrounding businesses were not affected
  • Restaurant was closed for 4 days for repair, primarily due to water damage